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King Mojo - After the Closure

A number of King Mojo events and reunions have been held in a variety of places, some large, some small. some national and others local; but all providing the opportunity for the Mojo faithful to get together and to let the good times roll again. 


Poster for the 1968 Whit Monday3rd June all-day festival at the Queens Hall in Leeds.

Pete onstage at leadmill reunion Dec 84.jpg

Peter Stringfellow on stage at the 1984 December King Mojo Reunion


Poster for the 1985 King Mojo Reunion at the Hippodrome in London

mojo at the hippodrome.jpg

The stage for King Mojo Hippodrome Reunion

pete at hippodrome mojo reunion.jpg

Peter Stringfellow on stage at the Hippodrome

edwin starr at hippodrome mojo reunion II.jpg

Edwin Starr on stage at the Hippodrome

edwin starr at hippodrome mojo reunion.jpg

Edwin Starr at the Hippodrome

chris farlowe at hippodrome mojo reunion.jpg

Chris Farlowe on stage at the Hippodrome

me and pete on hippodrome stage.jpg

Peter Stringfellow with Paul Norton one of the artists who decorated the Mojo in 1967 it's final year.  Paul also provided the photos displayed here.

mojo reunion.jpg

Peter Stringfellow with a commemorative plaque presented to him by club members and friends. (artwork by Paul Norton)

2022 reunion.jpg

Two Reunion events held in Sheffield to launch two Dirty Stop Outs Guides by Neil Anderson 

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