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The Mojo CD

The idea of a Mojo soul CD has been thought and talked about for quite a while, and ongoingly suggested on online websites. The club sounds of Wigan Casino, The Wheel, The Torch and The Blackpool Mecca have all been released as compilations-but strangely not the Mojo.

Mojo cover-crop.jpg

In 2008 around the time of Peters visit to Sheffield for the book launch of ‘Pop Art of the King Mojo Club and Beyond’ Paul Norton, one of its authors, decided to produce a one-off, not for sale, compilation to give to Peter for his birthday at that time. It was a double CD compilation of Mojo style soul with 11 up-tempo tracks and one ‘slowie’ per each year of the clubs 4 year life.


Paul designed and produced the cover, picked the playlist and even wrote cover notes. Peter was over the moon with it and had intended to get it produced but sadly it never came to fruition. Paul later tried to get the Northern Soul DJ Kev Roberts interested in the project, but at the time it was not to be. 

Mojo 2 CD set and cover.jpg

So, if you, or anyone you know, could help in getting a Mojo CD produced and out there, please let us know!

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